If this sounds like something you are ready to join, please contact any club member or email our membership chair (listed on the home page) for more information.


Historically, membership in a Rotary club has been by invitation only. Through the years, this approach has helped Rotarians identify others in their community with a passion for service and invite them to meetings to learn more about Rotary. With the advancement of technology, the desire for online information has increased and while technology is embraced—we still believe the best approach to becoming a member is to attend some meetings and learn more about what it means to be a Rotarian!

If you know someone in the Club (friend, family member or colleague) ask them to bring you along to a couple of meetings and you will be able to learn a little more about Rotary every week.

If you don’t know anyone in the Club, don’t let that stop you from coming to a meeting. Drop in for a meeting and you will probably be surprised to see people you know.

Our club now offers several options in addition to our traditional individual membership format where members meet every Thursday at noon. For some, noon meetings might not work and for others it might not be possible to attend weekly meetings on a regular basis. For those individuals, we now offer:


Group Membership 

This membership classification was added as a pilot program to provide unique membership opportunities for businesses, public institutions and other organizations to join the club as entities when individual membership is not an option. The intent of Group Membership is to increase the club’s ability to attract and retain a qualified and diverse group of members while allowing more flexibility in recognition of the demands and increased mobility of the current corporate/organizational environment. An entity wishing to apply for a group membership would identify a “primary member designee” and up to two additional “member designees.” The primary designee must be a member of the local management team and the additional member designees may be chosen by the entity based on their dedication to the ideal of service and their availability to attend Club meetings and work on Club service projects.

Friends of Rotary

There are several members of our local community who support the goals and efforts of the Rotary Club of Roscommon but are unable to commit the time involved with full club membership. These individuals provide valuable assistance to the club by participating in the club’s service projects and fundraisers.